Claire Pie


Dop - Operator



A generation (2019) Dir: Antoine Langevin. Prod: ZOe Le Moullec

Part of the nikon film festival 2019

Flores (2019) Dir: Lucia Saadervra. Prod: Lucia Saadervra

The Knowledge (2019) Dir: Alexander Osman. Prod: Alexander Osman

London Short series Festival - Winner

BIFF - Selection Official 

Kit and Libby go Boo (2018) Dir: Hannah Owen Dop: Suzanne Smith   *B cam Operator*

A Nation (2018) Dir: Fred Kelly Dop: Barry Crocker  *B cam operator*


Art and documentary.


Sparkle (2019) Photographer/Dir: Nana SRT. Prod: Headnod Talent LTD 

Winter Mist (2018) Dop/Dir: Claire Pie. Prod: Claire Pie

Madame (2017) Dop/Dir: Claire Pie. Prod: Claire Pie

Collage performance with street artist Madame 


Music Video.


Rewind by Bushy (2019) Dop/Dir: Claire Pie. Prod: Charly Cohen 

Make me again by Iola (2019)  Prod: Iola Nguyen 


Commercials and corporates.


Service Now / Novartis (2019) “From good to great”. Dop/Dir: Claire Pie. Prod: I-Motus

Fujitsu “Believe in your dreams” Dir: Guy Ducker. Prod: I-Motus




Quibi PTC with Antoine Fuqua (2019) Dop: Suzanne Smith Prod: Special Treat  *B cam Operator*

BSC Q&A (2016-2019). Filming at BSC QA and BSC Expos *camera operating*